Leather Cleaning Cork

At RJ Services we know your leather couch and chairs are a valuable investment to your home. Unlike fabric upholstery, leather requires extra attention in order to maintain its beauty.

Leather is a tough, durable material that, when cared for properly, should last for years or even decades.

We have a vast knowledge and experience and can offer invaluable advice and guidance to determine the best cleaning solution specifically for your needs.

We offer cleaning of leather furniture, car seats, bike seats & more…

leather care services cork
leather care services cork

Leather Care Services Cork

We strongly urge customers to avoid using home cleaning treatments which can damage the leather and end up costing you too much.

Our Cork leather cleaning service offers a comprehensive range of solutions depending on your requirement and budget.

When we have finished cleaning your leather furniture, we will apply a protective cream to the leather to ensure easier cleaning in the future.

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To receive a quote, please send us a few pictures of the product both at close range and far away to give us a good idea of the unit and your requirements.

Please email it or send by WhatsApp to 087 708 1460

leather cleaning services cork