Leather Sofa Cleaning and Restoration Cork

All services we offer now can be preceded with the full area disinfection treatment. Sofas are usually done at my place, collected and delivered after restoration process.
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At Leather Cleaning Cork we know that your couch or chair is a valuable addition to any room, and unlike fabric upholstery, it requires extra attention in order to maintain its beauty. Leather is a tough, durable material that, when cared for properly, should last for years or even decades. After cleaning your couch, chair etc, we will apply protection cream to make cleaning easier in futher.

Leather Cleaning Cork strongly urge customers to avoid using home cleaning treatments which can damage the leather and end up costing you too much.

We offer a comprehensive range of solutions depending on your requirement and budget and with a vast knowledge and experience we can offer invaluable advice and guidance to determine the best solution specifically for you.

Fully Trained by the World's best Leather Restoration Company - Furniture Clinic UK

At Leather Sofa Repair Cork we deal with a whole selection of problems as small as minor scuffs, marks or tears to leather, right through to complete renovation. We can anything that is possible :

  • Restore it in full or just damaged panel,

  • Fix a cigarette burn and small tear, cut etc.,

  • Totally re-color or even change color.

  • Restore antique look to your Chesterfield Sofa

  • Apply to Furnitures, Car and bike seats and more

  • We can not help if damage is too big and requires full panel exchange.

To get a quote it is required to send us few pictures showing whole units and from close distance. Please email it or send by WhatsUp to 0877081460

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