Marble Cleaning and Restoration Cork

All Stone Floor Cleaning, Polishing and Restoration Cork

All services we offer now can be preceded with the full area disinfection fogging treatment.
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Marble and Stone Floor Cleaning Cork specialise in the professional care, restoration, finishes and maintenance of all types of natural stone such as Marble, Limestone, Travertine, Sandstone, Slate. Our services include:

  • Stripping, scrubbing and cleaning to remove old sealants and restore the original appearance of the tiles,
  • Grout line cleaning,
  • Honing to restore old or high traffic areas,
  • Restoration to a high polished finish,
  • Diamond Grinding in order to remove lippage on an uneven tiled floor,
  • Repair of scratches, cracks, chips and holes,
  • Filling in floors,
  • Impregnation sealants for preventing oil and water staines,
  • Stain removal,

Marble Cleaning Cork is your local Company for Natural Stone Floor Restoration in Cork. Using advanced Stone Floor Cleaning and Restoration systems, equipment, solutions and training can safely remove years of built-up grime, most ground-in dirt and get your floor shining like new again. We are fully trained and have extensive knowledge about a variety of flooring, deep down soiling problems that commonly occur in both domestic and commercial environments.

Marble, Travertine, Limestone Cleaning and Polishing

Sometimes people use the phrase marble and travertine cleaning. We have run across a number of people who believe that the dull look on the marble floor or travertine floor can be removed by cleaning. In most of cases, cleaning the floor using our pressurized cleaning process makes the floors look significantly better. In fact, the grout lines are often brought back to 90% of brand new. However, if the floor is dull, more than likely you will need a travertine or marble polishing process.

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